About Us

We at Vandergriff Toyota, family owned and operated for over 8 years, have always striven to build the best relationship with our customers as possible. We love our customers and friends here in Arlington, Texas and the surrounding areas and have always put in the extra effort to make your time here one of ease and comfort. From purchasing a new car to getting it serviced, our friendly staff and highly skilled technicians have always been there to offer a helping hand. This new parts site is an extension of every value we embody here in Arlington to the rest of the United states.

Now Toyota drivers here in our neighborhood and across the country can search for and order parts right here on our website, and with just a few clicks, can have the part you need in rout to your home. And as always, feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have regarding your search or part. As well, please read our new Shipping Policy and Return Policy before placing your order. We are excited to hear from you!

But we are not just a car dealership. We are a neighbor. We are a strong supporter of our local community. We donate and offer our time to local charities, community events, and especially in the education of our children. A few of our recent donations have been $5,000 to the Martain High School Football Team for much needed equipment and another $5,000 to the Mansfield Independent School District. 

With the addition of this new parts site, making it easier for you, and Toyota drivers across the nation, to get the parts they need for their car, we will soon be able to donate more and offer more of our time to helping build up our community and the communities around us.